SENSE Charter School, located in southeast Indianapolis, Indiana, hosts grades K-8.

SENSE staff is determined to facilitate learning experiences for the whole child. We believe that by supporting our students socially, emotionally, and academically, they become agile learners.

SENSE Charter School classroom settings allow for individualized attention. SENSE provides an extended day, extended year format with opportunities for before school care. Kindergarten is all-day.

Building upon a rigorous curriculum based on the Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards, we hope to inspire a love of learning in our students. We believe that children are future leaders who will fully engage in, and positively impact, their local community and beyond. By giving them voice, responsibility, and collaborative choice in their learning environment, we are certain that SENSE students receive a solid skill foundation for educational success.

As a community school, it is our goal to connect our students to the world around them. Our partnerships with IUPUI and University of Indianapolis, provide shared learning experiences for SENSE staff and students as well as creating positive field experiences for future teachers.

Our commitment to the families and Fountain Square community provides the backdrop for establishing partnerships that support and promote unique educational experiences at SENSE.

Whether it’s a walk to Wheeler Arts Community Center for poetry sharing, a walk to Garfield Park or participation in hands on learning experiences at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, SENSE staff embraces opportunities to provide students with real-life study trip experiences.

At SENSE, we believe that the elementary school years shape the rest of our students' academic lives and prepare them for the variety of learning experiences available after elementary school.

Post-attendance at SENSE, our students move on to successful careers in the traditional public, charter, private and virtual school settings.

Looking forward to an amazing school year!


Dr. Kristie Sweeney

Head of School