ESSER III Expenditure

Direct Administrative Expenses.

  •  23,000- $15,000 has been set aside for legal services.

  • 26,000- $15,000 has been set aside for additional cleaning.

  • 26,000-$5,000 has been set aside for additional insurance cost related to construction.

  • 40,000- $80,000 has been set aside to work with IFF for construction support. IFF will

    support SENSE with the evaluation of the new spaces, including cost estimates, predevelopment services and construction.  This also includes zoning, contractor procurement, oversite of construction, and closeout.

  • 40,000-$2,337,237.09 set aside for construction of the K-2 expansion and buildout the remaining 4th floor.  Both projects are necessary to ensure the school can appropriately socially distance.  Additionally, spaces will be created to support Social Emotional Learning.  These spaces will be created to support small groups while also maintaining social distance perimeters.  

Learning Loss and Accelerated Learning

  • 16000- SENSE will extend the school day from 2:30 to 3:00 to reduce learning loss from COVID-19.  Teachers will be paid for the additional 30 min block of time from ESSER III dollars.

  • 21000- School counselors, social workers, and Social Emotional Learning educators will be paid for out of the ESSER III grant.  Their work will help reduce learning loss through best practice strategies to help students minimize anxiety, stress, and other traumas escalated by COVID-19.  By helping students to identify these feelings and reset, they will be better able to learn.

  • 21000. SENSE will participate in CITY CONNECT through Marion University.  CITY CONNECT will help develop individualized plans for students and their families with best fit resources to reduce learning loss and