Return to In Person Instruction Plan

SENSE Charter School - 2021-2022


Southeast Neighborhood School of Excellence (SENSE) is a community-driven school that nurtures academic excellence, social development, and civic responsibility in every individual. 


SENSE seeks to build a strong foundation for learning and living by creating in it's students, a thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for learning. 

Safeguards for In Person Learning

SENSE’s  plan to return to in person instruction will constitute a return to “normal” instruction, or pre-pandemic instruction, as much as possible. This  will be a five-day a week opportunity for all students, fulfilling the 180 day requirement as mandated by Indiana law for a full instructional year. However, in order to do so, there are several aspects to our 2021-2022 plan that will be included, required and added to the learning environment of all our schools.

   SENSE will require the necessary safeguards for our students to attend    school in a safe manner. The requirements will include:

●     Hand sanitizer available in all classrooms and common areas in the building.

●     Students and staff will be expected to wash their hands as much as possible without compromising the instructional day. Elementary students will be walked to restrooms for this while secondary students will be offered opportunities during appropriate times throughout the day.

●     Masks will be available and worn if and when our Marion County Board of Health deems it appropriate, as they will work with the state board of health and the CDC for appropriate safety guidelines throughout the year. The degree of wearing masks will be a fluid situation and, as a school district, we will err on the side of caution to ensure students are safe; therefore, wearing masks will be expected when deemed appropriate by our medical experts listed above. Masks will be expected on buses. All buses and schools will have masks available for those individuals who are identified as needing to wear a mask.

●     Social distancing will still be an expectation for all grade levels, with either three to six feet of spacing between students and staff, depending on the guidance allowable by our board of health.

●     Contact tracing will also be the norm as we will quarantine any students or staff who are not vaccinated while those who are vaccinated will be notified of the contact tracing; however, they will be able to return to school immediately due to their vaccination status.

●     Ventilation for all schools is equipped to bring in fresh air. Maintenance of these systems have been serviced routinely and ongoing.

●     Outside visitors will not be allowed into the building without administrative authorization.

●     All facilities will be cleaned and sanitized according to usage and any indication of virus spread. Day shift custodians will prioritize cleaning of all student and staff traffic areas throughout the day. All facilities will be modified to accommodate social distancing when needed.

●     District communication of any changes or adjustments will be effectively done through phone messaging, email, social media and district/building websites.

●     Student interaction will be done with specific grouping of students to allow for contact tracing to be as effective as possible.

●     Assigned seats will be utilized in classrooms, common spaces, the bus and in to help trace students/adults in case of a positive COVID case.

●     Parents are encouraged to conduct self-assessments/screenings of using the checklist provided by our county board of health.

Instruction for the 2021-2022 School Year

In person instruction will be the core method of instructional delivery.

Remote learning will be allowable for any student with a compromised health condition that would put them at risk in a full in person learning environment.

If SENSE would be required to revert back to E-Learning, the following remote learning process would be instituted:

●     Remote learning at the elementary level K-4 will consist of a licensed teacher who will teach by means of remote instruction using Seasaw and Zoom for synchronous direct instruction. All students at SENSE Charter School will be issued a device for learning.

●     Remote learning at the intermediate and middle will consist of a licensed teacher who will teach by means of remote instruction using Google Classroom and Zoom for synchronous direct instruction. All students at SENSE Charter School will be issued a device for learning.

In the event that a school or the entire district needs to close, we will move to eLearning, which will look different than the above options outlined. All teachers who conducted in-person learning will move to SeeSaw/Google Classroom and Zoom to support the students they teach.

Social and Emotional Needs/Resources

We recognize the importance of providing students and staff with extra social and emotional support as they return to full in -person instruction this school year. We will continue to utilize our Social Emotional Learning curriculum, Sanford Harmony, our SEL elective, Cummins Mental Health, and the schools resiliency team to support students social/emotional needs.

Our guidance counselors, Behavior Source therapists, CIS site coordinators, and school psychologists will be ready to assist students and staff in need of support.

ESSER Funds Summary

● This ESSER plan supports the necessary funding for learning loss through summer school, extended day and modifications for the school year.

● This plan will be under consistent review for accuracy and revisions will be made when appropriate and necessary.