Enroll Indy

Enroll Indy's round 1 enrollment lottery is now open for all families wishing to enroll a NEW STUDENT at SENSE, for the 2023-2024 school year.

Enroll Indy is a nonprofit organization created to manage a unified school enrollment system in Indianapolis. All IPS schools, and more than 90% of Indianapolis charter schools, participate in Enroll Indy. All new enrollments must go through Enroll Indy before they can be registered at SENSE.

How it works:
All families wishing to enroll a NEW STUDENT next year should apply through Enroll Indy (Link: Enroll Indy - SENSE Charter School) by January 25th to enter in the first round lottery.  If you are unable to apply before the first round deadline, you can apply for the second round lottery from January 26th through April 20th. Results for the lottery are released on February 16th and May 11th, respectively, to confirm your seat at SENSE. Once your seat has been confirmed through Enroll Indy, you will be able to fill out the registration for SENSE so student records can be obtained from previous schools. Siblings are given priority which is why it is important to apply early!

RETURNING STUDENTS DO NOT need to apply through Enroll Indy. Current students are automatically given a seat for the next school year and SENSE will send out survey forms in February to allow families to confirm whether their student plans on returning next year.

For more information regarding Enroll Indy, please visit their website or call them at (317) 426-3234 (they can also assist in Spanish):